Apex Rafting Company Revelstoke

Wow! I had such an amazing day riding the rapids down the Illecillewaet River with Apex Raft Company. My favourite part was jumping in and floating down the river. Make sure you’re armed with jokes to share along the way, it certainly makes for a collective experience. I would definitely recommend stopping in Revelstoke, British Columbia to experience this adventure.

-Mckenna Haz

Booked the Whitewater rafting trip the day before and we were accommodated effortlessly for our party of 3. Our guide Joe was excellent, knowledgeable and fun! He made sure everyone(there was a total of 7 guests on the raft) had a great time and entertained us with his catalogue of jokes. Always felt safe in the raft. The scenery and rapids were well worth it!

-Kathy O

It was a great time and we also got some super good pics shot by an Apex guide, for a really good price. You are crazy to hit Revy and not go rafting with Apex!!


Special thanks to Ralph, Debbie and staff for a spectactular river trip my family will never forget. I will recommend your trip to all my Kiwi mates planning the Vancouver-Banff loop. You haven’t “done” Canada until you’ve rafted with Apex! Really cool t-shirts too!

-Philly J

I took my brother and his family who were visiting from Norway. We had a great rafting experience. The service was great and the staff very professional and friendly. I am planning to take more visitors from Europe this summer. I had also rafted several years ago with a group of friends, and we had a great time that trip also. Beautiful river and spectacular scenery.

-Alan M

My husband and I went on our first rafting trip and we chose to go with Apex Rafting. I am not much of a water person so I was nervous…but it turns out I didn’t need to be! The guide was fantastic, he explained everything and even spent some extra time helping me prep for our water adventure so that I’d enjoy it. I absolutely loved it…the weather was perfect, I got soaked enough to make it fun, and had a blast! I will definitely be doing this again as I was really impressed with Apex Rafting. If you’re heading to Revelstoke and want some adventure definitely go with Apex Rafting Company!

-Kia R

We had a great time rafting with Apex on the Illicillewat River. We return every summer with our kids (aged 12 to 18) and it is a great trip every year! We prefer rafting earlier in the summer when the rapids are bigger, but even the end of summer float is fun. The guides are all fantastic, knowledgeable and funny. We all loved jumping in for a very cold swim! We will return again next summer.

-Tricia S

I had an amazing time on a rafting trip with Apex a week ago. I’m travelling across Canada, and this definitely made it on the list of good adventures. Super safe, the office staff was friendly, our guides Joe and Rob were incredibly nice, very entertaining and had tons of stories to share throughout the tour. It’s a few hours long, but totally worth it (have a snack before you go?). Highlights – the rapids, a refreshing swim in the cool water, and listening to Joe tell terrible but funny jokes!

-Marianne C

Went on a raft trip with Apex last week and can say it was such an exciting time! The staff was friendly, fun, professional and safe. Our guide Joe kept us laughing the whole ride, as well as taught us a lot about the mountains and environmental along the river. And this was all in addition to the absolutely thrilling time we had riding the rapids! Rafting f with Apex made our time in Revelstoke one we will never forget!


We just finished our white water rafting adventure with Apex, and had an awesome time! Our raft guide was Joe, he was informative and hilarious. He made sure to make us feel safe as well as let us “feel out” the rapids on our own. Not to mention we learned about a hundred new jokes… And he had more in his pocket! The scenery was beautiful and the rafting was thrilling! We can’t say enough about our time with the apex crew.

-Madeleine L

We recently spent the afternoon on an Apex rafting trip of the beautiful Illecillewaet River near Revelstoke, BC. Well worth the price of admission. The entire family enjoyed it. The rapids were fun and exciting and the guides (Danny, Joe and Karina) fantastic. We were really impressed by the quality of this river rafting operation and its people. We will definitely try it again. The conditions of the river at this time of year were great for the ages of our kids (11, 9, 7). Thanks to Apex for this introduction to another fun outdoor family sport for us, we will work our way into high water conditions in a few years time!

-Laura V

We came to Revelstoke on a relaxing family trip but as there is so much to do we decided to go river rafting. We called and they were really accomodating. Took the 1pm tour and i can only say that it was amazing!!! Our guide Danny was funny, experienced, knowledable and felt us feel safe, even when doing this with a 7 year old boy. My brother-in-law did’t even want to go on the ride but went and had a ton of fun. The scenery is spectacular, the boats were in perfect condition and they supplied all the gear. It was an amazing experience and a truly unforgettable one for a 7 year old that got to be a “water cowboy”. Highly recommended.


We had an excellent day rafting!! It had rained the day before which meant the water was high and the waves were awesome. Our guide was super friendly, cheerful, full of stories and local information and passionate about his job. We even got little treats at the end of the day – and don’t forget to use the hot tub back at the hotel. It made for an excellent day!


We loved our experience on the two hour ride down the river. I have to say that we were nervous before getting into the boat – probably due to all the safety briefings, but once on the boat we had a blast – you have to do this once in your life time. As the Canadians say, it was “Awesome”!


My husband and I had a wonderful day on the river with the Apex crew. Everything was well organised from the wetsuits to the bus to the snack after the rafting. We really enjoyed it and found it quite challenging. We went in late June on a lovely sunny day but boy that water was cold! Joe was very professional and helped us with clear instructions.


It was so much fun. I am so glad I did it. Excellent. Would love to do it again. The instructor was great and made my Daughter feel safe, when she was scared. The rapids where really good. Very professional and value for money .