Apex Rafting Company Revelstoke

River Rafting Safety

Your safety comes first.

Our primary goal on each and every trip is to get you down the river with a clean, safe run. The fun factor isn’t compromised. You just get to relax and enjoy the ride knowing that you are in good hands with professionals who are putting you first.

Approaching 26 years of running river rafting trips on Revelstoke’s Illecellewaet River, our team of guides are all fully certified with their British Columbia River Outfitters Association Guide License, Swift Water Rescue Technician Certificate and have a minimum of Standard First Aid.

We check the water levels every morning to determine how the trip will run for the day. If water levels are high, we assess if alternate routes will be taken around some of the larger rapids. In extreme high water conditions we may raise the minimum age limit for children in order not to compromise the safety of younger participants (there will be no charge for children who can not raft due to a minimum age increase).

Before going on the river, our guides will give the group an introductory talk explaining what to expect from the day. A thorough safety briefing will be performed with a full equipment check and demonstrations of what to do in the rare event of a raft flip or if someone goes for an unexpected swim.

Once in the raft, you will be taken through the paddling commands and have the opportunity to practice paddling as a team before entering any whitewater.

During the trip our guides will be steering the raft and calling out commands to you the paddlers, that will ensure a safe but fun-filled ride and not miss a wildlife sighting or chance to duck a wave.