Apex Rafting Company Revelstoke
Why Choose Apex?

Apex Rafting is the longest running river rafting company in Revelstoke, approaching 25 years in 2017 of safe and fun adventures on the Illecellewaet River.  With over 20 different rapids ranging from Class 1 to Class 4, you get serious splash for your buck with Apex Rafting.  We’ll take you on a journey of up to 25km on one of British Columbia’s most stunning rivers.

Apex Rafting’s track record of commitment to customer care, safety, fun and adventure is unsurpassed.  Book your Apex Rafting adventure today and let us show you our backyard.

What Should I Wear?

Weather conditions vary from month to month however river attire generally does not. We provide you with a wetsuit, wetsuit socks, and a spray jacket. We also have fleece tops for cooler days.

For under the wetsuit: Wear a bathing suit or shorts and a t-shirt. Please try to avoid wearing cotton, as it tends to keep you cold once it gets wet.

For your feet: We supply wetsuit socks but you need shoes over top. A pair of running shoes or strap on sandals will work well, but they will get wet. We have a supply of “experienced rafting footwear” on hand for guests who want to keep their shoes dry or don’t have anything appropriate.

Is There A Minimum Number of People Needed To Run Trip?

We require a 6 person minimum to run a trip however this does not need to be all from one group.  Please feel free to book with any number of people and we’ll match numbers from other groups to meet the minimum per boat. You should book your trip as soon as you know when you want to go.  Only book for the people that you are positive about as we have a 50% cancellation policy for no-shows.  It’s easy to add to your party with a phone call or email as your friends confirm their attendance.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes! If you are 19 and over, you can sign for yourself. If somebody in the group is under 19, a parent or guardian needs to sign on their behalf.

If you book online – you will be automatically directed to the online waiver form.
We have paper waivers to fill out at check in, if they haven’t been completed already.
You can also download and print the waiver (suggested for large groups and those under 19).

What is Your Cancellation/Refund Policy?

Sometimes your plans may change or unavoidable situations arise that necessitate having to cancel or change your trip plans…we understand that.  However, please understand that once your trip is booked we reserve your space, assign staff and resources to ensure your trip runs smoothly. Few of these costs are recoverable at the last minute.
With this in mind we apply the following cancellation policy:  50% cancellation fee applied if cancelling within two weeks of your rafting date and 100% within 48 hours.  All cancellation fees are applied to the same credit card used for the initial booking.
We regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies and recommend that Trip Cancellation Protection be purchased through your travel insurance company to protect your payments.
Our cancellation policy does not include trips cancelled by Apex Rafting due to insufficient bookings or children cancelled due to high water.

Eyeglasses/ Sunglasses?

Glasses can be worn at your own risk and should be fastened with a strap. Contact lenses are very rarely a problem and are worn by many professional guides.

What If It Rains?

Whitewater rafting is fun in any type of weather, provided you are properly dressed. We raft daily rain or shine, and you’ll get wet either way and still have a blast. We will do our best to get everything you wear on the river soaking wet, so bring a change of clothes for after your trip.

Is there a place to put my valuables?

Absolutely! We have a change room that is kept locked from start to finish of your rafting adventure so it is a secure place to keep your phone, wallet, keys etc. while you are on the water.

Do I Need Experience To Come Rafting?

Not at all, many of our rafters are first timers. Our guides will demonstrate proper paddle techniques and commands. You will have time to get comfortable in the raft and ask lots of questions.

Do I Need To Know How To Swim?

You don’t need to be a confident swimmer, but should be comfortable around water. All rafters are equipped with whitewater lifejackets chosen for their high floatation. Therefore, we do not require participants to know how to swim. Please inform your guide if you have any concerns regarding your swimming abilities so we can assist you to our fullest.

How Old Must You Be To Raft?

Our minimum age varies with current river conditions. In high water levels the minimum age to raft is 12 years but as the summer progresses the river will gradually have less water and can be suitable for younger children. Unfortunately, water levels can change significantly, even overnight, due to extreme weather conditions. When booking a trip in advance we do our best by basing the minimum age on typical water levels for the date of your trip. There is always the possibility that we may have to raise the minimum age on the actual day of the trip if river conditions have changed enough to unreasonably compromise the safety of younger participants. If that happens there will of course be no charge for anyone in your party who no longer wishes to join the trip. Rafters 18 and younger must have a parent or guardian co-sign waver prior to raft departure. The minimum weight to be able to raft is 50 lbs regardless of age.

How Many People Are There Per Raft?

We use high-quality, 100% self-bailing rafts ranging form 14 feet to 16 feet that will comfortably carry 8-10 passengers. There is room for 9 guest paddlers and non-paddling child plus your guide.

When Is The Best Time To Go?

It depends on the river and your personal preferences.  The Illecillewaet River offers higher water levels, with fast-paced action from June through early July.  As the water levels drop so does our minimum age.  High water is usually restricted to around 12 years depending on conditions but the lower river levels of later July and August allow us to take more families with smaller children.

Will I Fall Out?

It is always possible, but the vast majority of our guests have managed to keep themselves in the raft, so your odds are pretty good that you’ll stay on board.  There are ropes on every boat to hold onto if you feel unsteady or off balance.  If you do fall out you are likely to stay very close to your raft and be hauled back in fairly quickly.  Every guide has a rescue line to throw your way if you drift out of arms reach.  The guides will also give more detailed safety instructions before the trip starts.

How Are rapids Rated?

Rapids are rated on a scale of 1–6. Class 1: fast moving water, Class 2: Splashy waves, Class 3: waves or holes big enough to swamp an open canoe, Class 4: numerous big waves or holes with obstacles to avoid, Class 5: Large chance of raft flipping, Class 6: un-navigable in any raft, not available commercially (Niagara Falls)!

The rapids which we navigate are rated at a Class 2 and 3 level.

When Should i book?

To ensure space on the date of your choice, book as early as you can. Some dates will fill well in advance while others won’t fill at all. Book early to avoid disappointment. Generally, weekends fill first with the long weekends of the summer as the busiest times and Monday to Friday departures are slower to fill up.

Will I see any wildlife?

We will raft through an area that is home to many of the animals British Columbia is known for.  There are a variety of animals that frequent the river valley, but there is also a lot of forest for the animals to hide from view.  So although we can’t really guarantee you’ll see any of the larger animals that live here, it’s definitely a possibility.  On this trip we will occasionally see black bear, moose, elk, deer, coyote, beaver, red-tailed hawk, bald eagle and many smaller animals and waterfowl.